The Importance

In order to appreciate the importance of BOOKCOINS, it helps to understand the current way of bullion trading.

The reason behind BOOKCOINS was found

BOOKCOINS was set up to solve one problem: it was very difficult for private individuals to buy, store and sell silver bullion in a simple, safe and cost-effective way. Before BOOKCOINS, there were two main obstacles for private individuals:


  1. They didn’t have access to the professional bullion market.The best prices for silver are available on the professional bullion market, where dealers, refiners, government agencies and bullion banks trade.The silver bars weigh 1,000 oz.This puts the best prices out of reach of most private individuals.


  1. They didn’t have access to professional vaults. Good delivery bars are stored in accredited vaults.The large starting balance tends to make the system inaccessible to private customers.


How BOOKCOINS can fix it

With BOOKCOINS, you can access the professional market and buy part of a good delivery bar – or even whole bars. You’ll benefit from the same low costs for buying and storing as the professionals, and you’ll be participating in the deepest pool of physical silver liquidity in the world.