High Security Vaults

icon-securityvaultTrusted & High Security Vaults

Your silver bullion will be stored in your choice of professional bullion market vaults, selected from among multiple locations worldwide from your preferred location. You own your silver outright. It’s your legal property. We only deal in allocated silver – never unallocated.

Why not use a Bank?

‘Why not use a Bank?’ many will ask. The answer for owners of Precious Metals (PM) are the very same reasons most of us got into PM. Because the Banking System is not a safe place to keep your Assets, if anyone needed a reminder of this just look to what happened in Cyprus Spring 2013 or the MF Global ‘Heist’. It has been made policy in many so called developed areas of the world that should the Banks require it then a ‘Bank In’ is now acceptable. Bottom line Confiscation is now a very real risk, Customer Accounts and Safety Deposit Boxes are all fair game hence for peace of mind we prefer Secure Professional Storage outside of the USA or Western Collapsing Countries.


Security of your Precious Metals

We understand as owners of Gold and Silver ourselves that confidence in where our metals are being stored and how it is being stored is paramount. If you have spent time and effort sourcing specific coins or bars then they are yours and understandably you want those same coins and bars back should you take your Precious Metals (PM) out of storage. You can be assured that we do not treat your PM as part of a Pooled account. Your PM are yours and can be returned to you in as little as 3 Business Days.


Benefits of Secure Storage in Asia

Below are many benefits to using Hong Kong as a site for Secure Storage :
Hong Kong is and has been a Precious Metals (PM) Center for hundreds if not thousands of years meaning that resell in this market is even easier for you and not just for FIAT currency being in HK you can sell for a number of currencies and trade for other goods and services.
For US Tax payers at this time storing PM overseas in your own vault is not a reportable asset so its an entirely legal way of keeping your wealth private.
When the collapse of the US Petro Dollar happens you want to know your PM are in a country with strong links to the new monetary system – Gold Backed RMB.


Vaulting Services in the heart of Asia- VIA MAT Vaulting System

The transference of wealth, skills and people from West to East is currently taking place. Turning Assets into Precious Metals (PM) is step one, then thought has to be put into where to keep it. A secure Vault in the heart of the the USA does not in our opinion fit the definition of a Secure Vault – Please refer back to the MF Global Story. We do not think at this point there are any lines the US Government will not cross and if your Secure Vault is based in the USA then despite their intentions they will be under all the same draconian Laws that you are should the Government start to look at confiscation. Better to have the Secure Vault in an area known for its Banking Independence and Tax Laws to encourage Entrepreneurial spirit.
BOOKCOINS uses VIA MAT Vaulting System at their HK site with locations worldwide, as a BOOKCOINS customer you have the option of storing your PM with BOOKCOINS in our VIA MAT vault giving you the highest level of security for your PM Free of Charge.

About VIA MAT (From VIA MAT):
For over 60 years the VIA MAT Group guarantees their customers safe and dependable first-class transport and logistics solutions. We are large enough to fulfil complex global logistic requirements and still flexible enough to offer individual small-scale solutions. Therefore, we have become major service providers in many niche and global markets. In some sectors we are even the market leader, making us proud to be in business. Refer VIAMAT official site.