Buy & Sell In Low Rates, Deal In Any Size

icon-buynsellBuy & Sell In Low Rates, Deal In Any Size

With BOOKCOINS you can deal directly with other users. Both of you can quote prices, so you can both save dealing costs by cutting out the middleman. BOOKCOINS charges a maximum of 0.50% to buy/sell silver. Above $75,000 you pay less. We have over 50,000 users, who have invested between $100 and $8,000,000.

BOOKCOINS is highly specialized in the trading of precious metals. We provide our consumers and investors with a highly cost effective and professional buy-back service.



Silver Buy Back

We guarantee to offer the highest buy-back price in the industry. We offer cash for your silver and charge no miscellaneous fee.
 Once your silver is confirmed authentic by our professional authentication service, we will offer you an appraisal for your silver. Our appraisal is independent of the source of purchase, and proof of purchase or invoice is not required.

For any questions or concerns, you are welcome to write to us or give us a call. Thank You.


How to Sell – Buy Back

Each item in our inventory carries a Buy Back price.

If your item is not listed then please contact us for a quote letting us know what is you wish to sell.
Ship the Precious Metals to the SG Office or to your local service centre if applicable. Please include your receipt from original purchase if possible and a copy of your ID.

Upon receive of your Precious Metals we will run our standard checks and respond to you with the Buy Back price through our online platform. We will also take a copy of your receipt for these products and your ID.

If the Buy Back price is acceptable then we will require your chosen Bank Account for the funds to be deposited. If you have a local branch then with prior arrangement funds can be paid direct as cash.


Unit Conversion Table

Ounce(oz) Grams(g) Kilograms(kg)
Ounce(oz) 1 31.1035 0.031
Grams(g) 0.032 1 0.001
Kilograms(kg) 32.15 1,000 1